Gamification Revisited

Adaptive and Intelligent Gamification Designs

ECIS 2020 Workshop


The use of games in IS has increased at an astounding pace and led to inspiring trends, one being gamification which counts among the most prominent developments in the last years. Gamification is defined as the use and combination of game design elements in non-game contexts and involves the incorporation of gaming elements into monotonous and tedious tasks to change the behavior or users. Meanwhile new ways of creating individualized gamification concepts have developed. Research calls for more concepts that support developers of gamification concepts in getting away from so-called “one-size-fits-all” solutions. In doing so, more personalized and adaptive gamification designs are needed to create individual gamification experiences that can be adapted to the needs of specific user groups by considering cross-discipline theories such as self-determination or different competitive and cooperative mechanisms, and task complexity and challenge structures and user habits, personality traits & preferences.

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